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Tenders Expiry Date
Contract for Cleaning of Roads, Ponds, Moats, Collection and Removal of Garbage at the National Zoological Park, New Delhi-110003 Wed, 20/03/2019
Contract to Provide Workers at the National Zoological Park, New Delhi-110003
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Wed, 20/03/2019
Inviting E-Tender Supply Of Diet Articles to Animls / Birds at National Zoological Park, New Delhi
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Wed, 20/03/2019
E-tender for printing & set making, binding of parliament question/ other important works of (Resography work) Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change.
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Thu, 14/03/2019
Tender for providing comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract of Full Service Maintenance Agreement (FSMA) for maintenance of various models of Toshiba make photocopiers.
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Thu, 14/03/2019
Limited Tender Enquiry for preparation, developing, Printing and publishing of Tiger guide book in Hindi
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Wed, 30/01/2019
Expression of Inerest (EOI) Inviting For Empanelment of Zoo Consultant For Preparation of Design of Various Zoo Enclosures At National Zoological Park, New Delhi.
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Addendum-Two Bid Tender Document for annual Contract for mam power outsourcing of National Tiger Conservation Authority
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Sealed Bid Inviting tender for Disposal of Obsolete/ Unserviceable Goods /Old Electronics / Scrape/Misc. Equipments or other items etc. housed at Wildlife Crime Control Bureau, Trikoot-1, Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi-66
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Mon, 18/02/2019
Two bid Tender Document for Annual Contract for man power outsourcing staff of National Tiger Conservation Authority for the year 2019
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