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Recent Updates: Orders

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Sl no. Orders Updated
1 G.S.R 285(E)- Notification- Plastic Waste Management (Amendment) Rules, 2018 20/04/2018
2 S.O 1543(E)[18-04-2018] Notification -Government of India Authorises Dr. Justice Jawad Rahim as Judicial Member in National Green Tribunal 18/04/2018
3 G.S.R 263(E)- Environment (Protection) Amendment Rules 2018 (Development of Emission Standards for SO2 & NOx for Lime Kiln, Ceramic, Foundry, Glass and Reheating Furnaces. 13/04/2018
4 Draft G.S.R-89 Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Animal Markets Rules , 2018 05/04/2018
5 G.S.R 261(E)[22.03.2018]E- Waste (Managment) Amendment Rules, 2018 23/03/2018
6 G.S.R.96(E)[29-01-2018] Final Notification of Emission for SO2 & NOx from Industrial Boilers 23/03/2018
7 G.S.R.233(E)[15-03-2018] Environmental Standards Notification (Draft) for Brick-Kiln Industry 23/03/2018
8 G.S.R 234(E)[16-03-2018] The Bio-Medical Waste Management(Amendment) Rules, 2018 23/03/2018
9 Inviting comments from all concerned stakeholders on Draft National Forest Policy, 2018 15/03/2018
10 S.O.1002(E)[06-03-2018] Coastal Regulation Zone Amendement Notification 12/03/2018
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