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Recent Updates: Guidelines

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Guidelines Updated
Draft Policy on Inspection, Verification Monitoring and Overall Procedure Relating to Grant of Forest Clearance and Identification of Forests

Comments from the stakeholders are invited on or before 15th July 2013 on 'Draft Policy on Inspection, Verification Monitoring and Overall Procedure Relating to Grant of Forest Clearance and Identification of Forests'.

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Guidelines for High Rise Buildings - Modification reg.

This Ministry, vide OM of even number dated 7.2.2012 had issued guidelines linking the height of a building to the width of the road on whiCh the proposed building is to be located and also the distance of fire station from the building so that in case of emergency, the fire tender may reach the building in the shortest possible time. This Ministry has received representations from some State Governments and other stakeholders requesting for review of these guidelines stating inter alia, that the matter lies in the functional domain of the State Governments / Local Bodies and should be appropriately handled by theni. This matter was also referred by MoEF to the Committee constituted on 11.12.2012 under the Chairmanship of Dr. K. Kasturirangan, Member, Planning Commission.

Siting Guidelines for Industries

Industrial development significantly contributes towards economic growth.Howevwer,industrial progress brings along with it a host of environmental problems.Many of these problems could be avoided if industries are located on the basis of environmental considerations,injudicious siting of industry can seriously effect the environmental features such as air,water,land,flora,fauna,human settlements and health of people.The entrepreneur should be fully aware of these implications and he should take necessary steps while setting up the industry so as to minimise the possible adverse effects on the environmental resources and quality of life.Often,an entrepreneur finds it very costly to install pollution control equipment and other mitigative measures after the industry is already set up.As such,preventive steps are needed at the time of siting rather than going in for curative measures at a later stage.

Noise Pollution Norms
Noise is defined as unwanted sound.Sound which pleases the listeners is musicand that which causes pain and annoyance is noise.At times what is music for some can be noise for
Most of the machines that have been developed for industrial purposes,for high speed transportation,or to make life more enjoyable,by furnishing additional comfort,reducing the
drudgery of everyday living,and speeding up our daily routines to provide additional leisure hours,are accompanied by noise. Noise prevention and control is important as noise affects
us in hearing,abilityto communicate and behaviour.Undoubtedly,lesser noise can make the environment more friendly and life becomes pleasant
The Guidelines on State Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management and Planning Authority (State CAMPA) 23/05/2012
Guidelines for submission of proposals under the Scheme Waste Minimisation in Small & Medium Industries (SMIs) 23/05/2012
Details of Ozone Depleting Substances used in various Sectors and Ozone Depleting Substances Substitutes 23/05/2012
Hazardous Waste Management Guidelines 23/05/2012
Environmental Impact Assessment Guidelines for Project Clearances 23/05/2012
Guidelines for Clearance of Forest based Industries/Trade 23/05/2012
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