Items of Work Handled

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Brochure on Items of Work Handled in Various Divisions and Sections of Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change

March 2015

XXVI 46 Project Elephant Division (PE)

Processing of proposals from the State Governments regarding release of funds of the Centrally Sponsored Scheme Project Elephant:

  1. Administrative matters (including policy matters) concerning Elephant Reserves in the country. It also includes the consideration of the proposals from the State Governments for inclusion of new areas as Elephant Reserves.
  2. Constitution and convening of the meetings of the Steering Committee of the Project Elephant and the implementation of recommendations thereof.
  3. Periodical meetings of the Field Co-ordinators of the elephant reserves and of the Chief Wildlife Wardens of the Elephant States.
  4. National/International conference/ workshops/ symposia on matters concerning Elephant and Elephant Reserves.
  5. Elephant poaching and offence cases in the country including the Elephant reserve areas.
  6. Elephant census in the country.