Corruption Mitigation Action Plan(CMAP)

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Objective of CMAP and functions of MoEF & CC

ObjectiveThe main objective of CMAP under RFD is to create an ethical environment to prevent corruption and to set in motion insitutional changes that will create a culture within the Ministry/Department to encourage, identify and celebreate ethical behaviour.


FunctionsThe major functions of MoEF&CC are as under:-


1.       Formulation of national policies on management of environment,        forests and           wildlife;

2.       Implementation of provisions of related legislations on forests, environment and wildlife, control of pollution of air and water, etc.; and

3.       Survey and exploration of natural resources particularly of forests, flora, fauna, ecosystems, etc.

4.       Bio-diversity conservation including that of lakes and wetlands;

5.       Conservation, development, management and abatement of pollution of rivers which includes National River Conservation Directorate;

6.       Environmental research and development, education, training, information and awareness;

7.       Regulation of diversion of forest land for non forestry purposes;

8.       Environmental Impact Assessment;

9.       Wildlife conservation, preservation, protection planning, research, education, training and awareness;

10.     Afforestation and eco-development;

11.     Prevention of cruelty to animals;

12.     Administration and Management of subordinate and autonomous institutions of the Ministry; and

13.     Monitoring of implementation of central sector and centrally sponsored schemes funded by the Ministry.